Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Patapsco State Park

Dakota woke me up bright and early this morning. I think it was about 6:15 when she came in my room and told me she'd wet the bed, something she NEVER does. So began my day, changing sheets, starting laundry and helping Dakota decide which dress she was going to wear for the day. Since I was up early and knew it was going to be a beautiful weather day I figured we'd take a drive out to Patapsco and play in the river. I've been wanting to take the kids all summer but for one reason or another I've put it off, until today.

We noticed some water trickling across rocks directly across from where we were sitting so we thought we should go check it out. Harper led the way and after taking a few pictures, Dakota and I followed. The water reached about mid thigh on me so it was nearly chest deep on Dakota and she was a little scared. The rocks were terribly slippery but somehow she and I made it without falling. I didn't want to take any chances carrying my phone across the water so I haven't any pictures from the other side, but it was worth crossing the water for! 

Harper and I noticed that there was quite a bit of litter lying around and Harper made it is personal mission to collect as much of it as he could. I always bring a plastic trash bag when we go because there aren't any trash cans and I always have snack wrappers/bags to toss; water never fails to make my kids hungry! By the time we left Harper had completely filled my plastic bag! He was so upset that people threw trash on the ground that could hurt animals! I love his sweet compassionate heart. 

As we played in the water and tossed rocks, a butterfly kept flying around us. We were there nearly 2 hours and the entire time, this same butterfly kept us company. The kids loved it, of course, and chased it quite a bit. At one point, when it had landed, Dakota reached out and touched it's wing. It didn't fly away or even move so then Harper had to give it a try. They went from touching it to petting it to eventually holding it. It was quite an experience! The butterfly didn't seem to mind them touching or holding it and every once in awhile it'd fly off but then come straight back. I hope they didn't hurt it by touching it's wings. 

We got home around noon, just in time to eat a quick lunch and then head to the pool. 

I just love these summer days! 

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