Thursday, July 21, 2016

Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda

Our second day in Bermuda began bright and early as our excursion meet time was 8:15 am. We chose to do another day at another beach and this one was walking distance from the ship. We met at the dock and walked about 10 minutes to Snorkel Park Beach, supposedly one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. 

It also happened to be Landon's 15th birthday so it seemed like a wonderful way to spend our time. Clear blue water, family, snorkeling...perfection. I know Landon had a great time out there despite having to get up so early and I'm so glad we were able to do something fun on his special day. It's pretty awesome to get to celebrate your birthday on an amazingly beautiful island!

Harper was terribly disappointed when we got to the beach and there weren't any waves. He'd loved jumping in the waves the day before so this was a huge let down for him. He refused to get in the water for about the first hour we were there, maybe longer. We were able to coax him in though and he ended up having a pretty good day. He can be so darned stubborn sometimes! He's crying in the picture below, but I love how it turned out! Zoe was doing her best to console him but he was just so upset about the lack of waves...poor guy. 

Dakota, on the other hand, got right to work in the sand. She loves playing in the ocean but she's equally happy digging in the sand and making castles and searching for seashells. 

At this beach we were able to use paddle boards and kayaks as well as snorkel gear. I was really looking forward to kayaking because I loved it when I got to do it in Santo Domingo years ago. The water here was a little rougher but I grabbed Harper (who was still sulking) and he and I went on a ride. He and I rode together while Tony took Dakota for a spin. When Harper had had enough he got out and Dakota decided she wanted to go on a ride with me. I asked Mema if she wanted to go on a spin too and she hopped in as well.  (After the kayak ride Harper cheered up a bit and played for the rest of the day.) 

As we were all returning our kayaks, Zoe and Landon headed out to try paddle boarding. They did really good but said the water was just rough enough that it was hard work coming back to shore. I wanted to try it but ended up chickening out...I wasn't sure I could do it in rough waters! Tony ended up giving it a try too and he fell in several times. They all seemed to have enjoyed themselves though.

Once they'd finished paddle boarding they jumped in a kayak for a bit.

Back on the sand, Mema was busy building a sand castle. The kids asked her to help them and then they abandoned her...but she kept on going! 

Snorkel Park was a really fun day and we were pretty wiped out after 4 hours of paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling and playing in the sand and water. Zoe, Landon, Mema and I walked around and did a bit of shopping when our excursion ended while Tony and the two little kids went to get cleaned up and take a break back on the ship. Bermuda is quite pricey so we didn't end up getting much but I wish we'd have had a little more time to browse the shops. We were really rushed and didn't get to see much of what they had to offer. I hope we'll get the chance to go back one day, Bermuda was definitely a winner in my books. 

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