Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vacation, Summer 2016, Day 2

Our second day of vacation was spent cruising the ocean towards Bermuda. We really enjoy cruising and the relaxing nature of passing the day aboard a ship but the two youngest kids were VERY antsy. They fought constantly and were pretty much bored. We tried to take them to the Kids Club but they both cried and refused so we ended up at Bingo, the only other thing going at that morning aside from going to the pool. Harper actually really enjoyed playing Bingo and loved using the dauber to mark the called numbers. Dakota was bored out of her mind though so it wasn't terribly fun. She's got to be one of the most go, go, go people I've ever known in my life!

At 12:15 that same afternoon there was a family activity in the kids club, Adventure Ocean, so we headed there after lunch. The kids were making Space Mud and both kids really enjoyed that! They enjoyed it so much in fact that they decided then and there that they would attend the afternoon session of kids club! 

The two little kids did end up going to kids club that afternoon and they both had a great time. Tony and I both checked on them but we were sure that they didn't see us when we did! Zoe told me that she too checked on them! Guess we are a bunch of worriers! While they were playing Tony and I walked around the boat. We didn't do much as there wasn't much to do, but we were happy knowing the kids were busy and not killing one another. 

This was our first formal evening at dinner and do you know I didn't take any pictures! I was in such a rush after getting the kids from kids club that I nearly didn't have time to get myself dressed! I have photos that the on board photographers took but I haven't had time to scan them into my computer yet, so I have nothing to share! I'll try to start scanning pictures tomorrow. (This ship doesn't offer a CD with their photo package so I could only get the prints.)

That evening after dinner we found this cute little creature on the bed...the kids always look forward to seeing what kind of animal will be waiting for them! 

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