Monday, August 1, 2016

4 Year Old Check-Up

Baby girl had her 4 year old check up today. She was NOT excited about it at all, and honestly, neither was I. But, for her good and everyone else's, we went.

Checking the hair do before we go.

She weighed 38.8 pounds and is 41.1 inches tall. I think they called it "perfect".  When we got there they asked if Dakota could give them a urine sample and when I told her about it she wigged out. She was literally hiding behind the bathroom trashcan screaming and crying. It was amazing. And fun. She flat out refused peeing in that little cup no matter what. So, no pee pee for them.

But, she rocked the rest of her appointment. 

She did have to get one immunization and she was, of course, less than thrilled about that. She cried and cried until the nurse came in and then she squeezed her eyes shut and I don't think she even made a peep when the shot actually went into her tiny arm. When it was over the nurse put a band aid on her arm and Dakota started whimpering "oh that hurts" and I had to tell her that was the band aid and the shot was already finished...drama queen. :) The nurse overheard her complaints and told her there were lollipops and stickers out front for her and Harper and that was the end of the whimpers. 

In the lobby, as they were choosing their "good patient" loot, Dakota told Harper she LIKED getting her shot and that she wouldn't like to not be able to use her arms or legs. (I was trying to explain why the shot was important and when they asked what kind of sick they could get I told them Polio could make you not be able to use your arms or legs etc.) She went on to say "You better let them give you your shots when it's your turn or you won't have arms or legs!" 

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