Monday, August 1, 2016

New Sliders!

I've had two giant sliding glass doors sitting in my garage for about 2 weeks now and today they finally went in! I'm so excited!

That hole in the wall sure looks big when there aren't doors stuck in it.

Here they are with everything closed up. The screen rolls into the door and is on the inside of the door versus the standard outside screen. 

Here they are with the screen retracted and a cute little girl in front. 

One open, one closed. They were ordered so that they'd open from the top down but we received them this way. My contractor was furious and has been on the phone with Lowe's all day. Before he left for the day he made sure that the manufacture would be out to fix the mistake. He's the best contractor around, I swear. 

I told him that I'd be okay and just live with what I got but he said "Oh hell no. They're going to fix this!" I'm glad he was adamant about it because it seems silly for them to open up only half way from the bottom because you only see the deck floor. When they open the other way you'll be able to see trees and sky which just makes more sense. (I spy little girl feet...)

Here's the view from the inside out onto the deck with everything open:

I'm really happy with how everything turned out. The slider in the basement looks exactly the same but maybe I'll take pictures of the view from there tomorrow. Just because. 

While Tom was installing the doors I had to make a run to Lowe's to get new porch/garage lights. One of ours broke a long time ago and I couldn't replace it with the same thing so I had to get four new ones. Of course I waited until Tom was HERE before I bought the replacement lights...I LOVE to procrastinate.  I was lucky that Lowe's had the lights I wanted in stock and that there were four of them! They were sitting on the floor and I could only pull the first two out without laying on the floor so I enlisted Harper's help. 

That's what he looked like getting the third box out. For the fourth one all you could see were his shoes! He loved it when I told him to grab the box and then I grabbed his feet and pulled him AND the box out from under there! Ha! 

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