Friday, August 19, 2016

Harper's Robot Birthday

 Way back in May I asked Harper what kind of birthday he wanted and he said "robot". I have no idea what sparked the robot idea and I have to admit, I had no idea what that would mean. But, since I asked him so early, I had lots of time to scour the internet for ideas and little by little, it all came together. 

On the invitations I asked everyone to bring a bathing suit just in case we ended up playing outside in the sprinklers but the day of his party was so hot no one wanted to go out at all! It was just too hot, even for running through water. So, it pretty much turned into a big play day with his friends and everyone seemed very happy.

I had a lot of fun making the banner for his birthday party. I used my Cricut Explore and the cartridge Robot Party to make it as well as several other party elements.

I found robot masks at Michaels and the kids spent about 15 minutes working on those.

Once the kids were done with their masks we sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake. The cake didn't quite come out as planned but everyone said it tasted good!

As soon as the kids finished their cake and ice cream it was time to punch the robot for prizes and man did the kids love that! I found the idea on Pinterest and Tony decided he'd put it together. It was fantastic and I kinda hated that the kids were going to destroy it!

After gathering their prizes from the giant robot it was time to grab goody bags and head home.

It was a really nice party and Harper said he'd loved it. My little boy is 6 now...crazy.

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