Sunday, August 21, 2016

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Tomorrow is the first day of school in our county and I'm totally bummed about it. It's only Harper's first day though because our schools are weird. All 1st -5th and 6th and 9th grades begin tomorrow. Kindergarten does conferences first and then they do small groups in each class (staggered entries) so that the kids get a little more personalized attention on their very first day. They'll start full time next week on Tuesday. Dakota's preschool is the same as Kindergarten and her staggered entry luckily falls on Monday of next week so she'll just start school next week as opposed to having a staggered entry this week and then waiting several days before she goes back. Hope that makes sense!

Anyways, we spent the day here at home today. No running around, no crazy stuff. Kids had friends over, I put summer decor away and redecorated for fall, Tony and Landon did some yard work. We all had plenty of relaxation time and we even squeezed in a little pool time between rain storms.

We hadn't been at the pool for long before it began raining. We all hung through the first little rain but the second rain was much harder and crazier, so we all jumped out of the pool and ran for cover. But, since there wasn't any thunder or lightening, we let the kids run around in the rain a bit...and they loved it!

While everyone was having some quiet time in the living room, I started working on a scrapbook page. Dakota came in to see what I was doing and I ended up printing her a couple pictures that she could use to make her own page. She just loved sitting with me and using my stuff! Usually I'm telling her not to get into my things so she was super excited when I let her use everything!

This is her first completed page:

And this is the second:

I'm pretty sure my first pages looked nearly identical! :)

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