Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of First Grade!

Little guy had his first day of school today. (Dakota starts next week, Landon goes tomorrow.) He's been a little down about it and saying he wasn't ready to go back, but it seems like ever since we met his teacher last week, his spirits have been a little higher. 

This morning his alarm woke him at seven and he came downstairs a little bleary eyed, but it wasn't long before he was eating his favorite breakfast (french toast with a side of strawberries) while watching his favorite show, Miles From Tomorrowland

His bus comes a little after 8 am and school is over at 3:05 pm. It's a long day but he ALWAYS gets off the bus in such a great mood! Today was no exception. He was happy to see some old friends and hopefully he'll make some new ones this year too. 

When it came time to pick him up from the bus in the afternoon, Dakota was super excited! We missed having him home with us all day and it'll take time for her to get used to that again. 

As soon as we got in the door he was ripping open his backpack to show me all his papers. 

He's proud that he has his own agenda this year. He says it's important that I look at it every day! :) I just hope he continues to be happy to go to school every day and enjoys his first grade year. Here's to a happy, successful school year! 

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Leslie said...

time to fill out all of those emergency cards!!!! This time of year was always a little depressing in my house. Glad that he had a fun first day!!!!!
Good luck to the rest of them.

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