Monday, August 29, 2016

Meme and Kyle Visit

My dad is working at a conference in Baltimore this week and while he's working my mom and brother have been staying here. They flew in on Thursday afternoon and we've been keeping them busy ever since.

Dakota was lucky to have Kyle and Meme all to herself on Friday when Harper and Landon were at school.

Later that evening we all met up at Kodo for dinner. We had a great time and the food was terrific!

We spent Saturday running errands and playing at the house. We spent a good chunk of our afternoon at the pool, but I'll have to post the pool pics later, there are sooo many! 

The kids really loved playing doll house with Meme. She was acting crazy and they were just giggling and giggling!

Kyle left Sunday afternoon to meet up with my dad in Baltimore but mom will be here until Thursday, I think. It was cool having Kyle here because he doesn't come up often, and it was actually the first time he'd ever been to see us in this house!

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