Saturday, August 20, 2016

Water Country USA

The main reason we chose Williamsburg, Va as our last minute vacation destination was because of Water Country USA. Tony, Zoe, Landon and I went years ago and loved it so we thought it'd be fun to take the little kids as well. It was certainly hot enough to spend a day at a water park so off we went.

We got there about a half hour after it opened and it was already quite hot out. It was a great time to get there too because there weren't any long lines of people waiting to get in. We headed straight for the wave pool to grab some seats and then we went in search of some slides Harper and Dakota could ride. 

While the kids played, Tony and Landon went to ride some of the bigger slides. Landon is a huge water park enthusiast and he'll ride nearly anything, so he was happy to be there. I've never been a huge water park fan so I'm glad Tony rides all that stuff with him! When they got back, Landon took Harper down a small slide in the kid area. Harper was acting really silly about it, but he ended up enjoying it. 

One ride that I knew would be a big hit was Hubba Hubba Highway. Harper loved riding the rapids when we were at Atlantis in Nassau earlier this summer and I thought he'd love this too...I was right! The highway is basically a faster moving lazy river. You can go in with or without a life vest, but if you wear the vest the water can easily whisk you around; it's really fun! Dakota was hesitant, but she ended up loving it and we probably went around that thing 15 times. It was great!

I also remembered riding Big Daddy Falls way back when it was just us and the two older kids and I remembered it being really fun so I suggested Landon and Tony take Harper on that one. Harper was a little worried about it but he went along and he LOVED it! The line was pretty long and the wait was about half an hour or more so they didn't do it again, but I think Harper would have gone again if he could have. I knew Dakota would be scared out of her mind so I hung back with her although she was big enough to ride. Maybe next time. 

We had a great day at the water park and only left when they started closing stuff down because of an approaching thunderstorm. We'd spent about seven hours there and were pretty tired anyhow, so it worked out just fine. 

After getting to the hotel and showering we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and then back to the room for the night. We all slept really well that evening! What is it about heat + water that is so exhausting anyways? 

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