Saturday, October 1, 2016

Positive Office Referral

This past Thursday I got a call from the principal at Dakota's school. As soon as I saw the number I got nervous because I couldn't for the life of me figure out why someone from the school would be calling when Dakota wasn't even there! (He called at about 10:15 am and she doesn't go to school until noon.) Anyways, he said he was calling to tell me that Dakota's teacher had sent a "positive office referral" to him because Dakota was being rewarded for being a "respectful" student. 

He went on to tell me that her photo would be hung up in the school's cafeteria and that her name was said over the intercom during morning announcement's but since she's an afternoon preschooler, she wasn't there to hear it. He also said that he makes sure to call the parent's of each child that is chosen for these awards to let them know how wonderful their child is. Gulp. 

If you've been reading here at all this past year you'll probably remember me talking about how hard preschool was for Dakota. It just never clicked for her and she cried nearly the entire year. It was tough for her and maybe even tougher for me. This year has been 100% different. She loves school and can not wait to go every day. She never cries about going and is the happiest I've ever seen her. It's a beautiful thing to see especially after our difficulties last year.

So, this award makes me unbelievably proud of her. 

The paper reads:

Dakota makes sure to tell all of her classmates that she loves them. She helps her friends all the time and always invites people to play with her. She is a great role model.

I might have had a tear. <3 div="">

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