Monday, October 3, 2016

An Afternoon at Montpelier Farm

We spent our Sunday at Montpelier Farm in Bowie. We went there once before for an Easter thing and it was so crowded we vowed to never do that again but there was a deal on Living Social for the fall stuff so off we went.

My friend Lisa is the one who told me about the Living Social deal so we made sure to go on a day that they were able to make it as well. The kids are always so happy to see one another and we love hanging with Lisa and Jeff too.

These water pumps worked a lot better than the one's from last week! The kids really enjoyed racing their ducks!

Once Dakota saw the giant pumpkin jumping mat, she had to go! Harper wasn't a huge fan but the other three kids loved it!

From the jumping pillow we headed to the pedal carts which were a lot of fun!

I'm not sure how long the kids played in the corn, but once it started to get crowded I had to make them get out! They were having such a good time in there but there just weren't many toys to choose from so there was some bickering.

Harper said his favorite part of the whole day was feeding the goats grass through the fence. I don't know why the kids love that so much, but they do!

After feeding the goats we found a place to wash our hands and then had lunch at one of the picnic tables. We bought some Popsicles and ice creams for the kids and a couple Whoopie pies to share as well and then we went on a hay ride before heading out.

So, the fall fest at Montpelier gets two thumbs up from us, but the Easter Egg hunt was two thumbs down! It was a fun day and we'd definitely go back! 

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