Friday, November 11, 2016

End of Soccer Season

Harper had his very last soccer game last weekend. It's been a fun season watching him but we're all happy for the break. Practice twice a week and Saturday morning games is a lot. All in all I think Harper did a great job. It was his first season and while he spent a decent amount of time shooting invisible bad guys on the field, he did seem to learn the sport somewhat. His only complaint was that soccer took up his play time but he always enjoyed his practices and games. He never complained. 

After their last game some of the team went to Three Brothers for lunch. They had pizza and then the coaches handed out their trophy's. Dakota was a little upset she didn't get one too! If there was a trophy for best supporting sister, she'd have won! She was at nearly every practice and game and always wanted to see what Harper was doing. 

I think Harper has decided to give baseball a try this spring. I want to encourage him to try different things and I think little Miss Dakota is ready to give something a try too. 

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