Thursday, November 3, 2016

Landon Goes to Homecoming (10-1-16)

Landon decided to attend homecoming this year with a bunch of his friends. He didn't go last year but this year his friends were able to persuade him. 

I have to say, getting a boy ready for homecoming is WAY different than getting a girl ready! There was no dress, shoe and accessory shopping. There was no reason to schedule a hair appointment, or makeup for that matter. He literally made sure the clothes from our recent cruise fit, showered and left. Crazy. 

He looked incredibly handsome. 

He met up with some friends at a neighbors house and they had dinner together and then we got some group pictures:

I drove him and his friend Tyler to the dance at 7. It was over at 11 and that was Tony's run. Landon said he'd had a good time and he was glad he'd gone. My baby sure has grown up. 

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