Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello, December

The first of December has always been a big deal in our house because it's Zoe's birthday. Girlfriend turned 22 today. Freaking twenty-two. We plan to celebrate with her this weekend because weeknights are too dang hard for everyone but we all made sure to let her know we loved her and were thinking of her on her special day.

A few weeks ago I picked up two Lego advent calendars and Dakota has been asking to start hers since I bought it. It's been a long couple weeks, but finally, the day is here. She was up at 6:05 am and her first Lego figure was built before 7 am. I sure hope she enjoys this little calendar all month as much as she's anticipated it, but I do hope it doesn't mean she'll be up every morning at 6. Harper was excited about his calendar too but he didn't lose sleep over it. They love the surprise character/object each day and it's fun to watch their scene unfold throughout the month.

Dakota and I were playing in the basement this morning when she suddenly requested a few items. She asked me for a clothes hanger, tape, two cups and two pieces of string. For a minute I thought maybe she was a mini MacGyver but after a few questions I realized she'd learned something at school that she wanted to share. 

So, we gathered up her materials and I helped her construct a balance. 

She was very proud of her product and measured all types of toys against one another. I thought it was awesome that she remembered how to build it and what it did, even if she got the terminology a bit wrong. She's one smart little cookie. 

I sure am looking forward to all the great things that December offers, mainly lazy evenings at home with my family, but also all the joy that comes with gift giving and surprise. Here's to a happy December! 

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