Friday, December 2, 2016

No School: Parent Teacher Conferences

The kids are out of school today because of parent teacher conferences. I got to meet with Harper's teacher this morning to hear all about how he's doing. He seems to be progressing well and does well in class behaviorally. (He does like to chat though and she has to give him reminders to keep on task now and then.)

Our conference wasn't until 10 am so we had lots of time to hang out at home beforehand. They played with toys for a bit but after about half an hour they both gravitated to the kitchen table to draw/color. While they worked on that I grabbed some supplies for a holiday craft; decorating pine cones to hang on the Christmas trees in their rooms.

Here are the finished products hanging to dry:

When we got home from the conference the kids went down to see if their friends could play. They've all been here playing since about's a mess but they're happy and I've been getting some things done here, so it's a win in my book!

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