Friday, January 20, 2017

Butterfly Valentines

Dakota and I were at Michaels when she saw some Valentine themed cards and bags. As soon as she saw them she asked if we could buy Valentine's for her classmates. I told her I thought it'd be more fun if we made them and she agreed. As soon as we got home we got on Pinterest to see what kind of cards/treats she wanted to make.  We had only looked for a minute when she spotted butterflies and decided that was what she wanted to make.

So, we first made copies of the free butterfly printable on different colors of card stock and then got to work cutting them out.

Once they were all cut out I used a blade to make small slits at the top and bottom of the butterflies where the lollipop would go. When all cuts had been made I let Dakota take the butterflies outside to add glitter. 

Once she was done glittering we glued wiggly eyes on the lollipops and set them in the window to dry.

We let everything sit and dry overnight and the following morning we cut out and glued "from Dakota" to each treat and inserted the lollipops into the butterflies. 

These were really simple to make and turned out cute! She's (of course) dying to give them to her friends but I've hidden them away until Valentine's Day. Hopefully she'll forget about them until closer to the day because she might make me crazy if she keeps asking for them!

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