Friday, January 20, 2017

Keeping Busy, As Usual

My mother in law had surgery on her left rotator cuff this past Wednesday so Dakota and I went to check on her on Thursday. The surgery went smoothly but she's going to be out of commission for about six weeks. For someone who loves to go, go, go it's going to be rough being stuck in the house or to depend on other people to get her where she wants/needs to be.

After helping her change her bandages and hanging out, Dakota and I went and grabbed some lunch at Panera. I gave her three lunch choices, Panera, Newks or Chick-Fil-A. I was happy when she chose Panera because they have THE BEST cheddar broccoli soup!

We had to make a stop in Target too because Dakota was dying to make her Valentine's Day cards. Yeah, I know it's a bit early for that, but she was so excited to get started on them that I decided to just go ahead and let her make them. We found a cute craft idea for them on Pinterest that I'll post about later.

The boys had early release days Thursday and Friday (no school for Dakota because she is pm pre-k) because of high school testing. Landon was home by 12:40 and Harper was home around 1:20. My mom flew in from SC on Thursday afternoon so as soon as I got Harper off the bus we zipped up to the airport to pick her up. I hadn't told the two little kids that she was coming so they were happy to see her when we got to the airport. Mom's here for the Womens March on Washington being held on Saturday and we're both excited and nervous about it. I have a few other friends going down too, so it shall be interesting! 

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