Saturday, January 7, 2017

Skating at Wheels

My brother bought Harper and Dakota roller skates for Christmas last year and it took them awhile to want to use them but they've been practicing their skills in the house for awhile now. Dakota was definitely more excited by them than Harper but I guess she made them look fun because he enjoys them just as much these days.

I saw that our local skating rink has "skate free" a program where they email you free skating passes each week. Once you sign up the admission is free (sign up for the program is $4 per child) each time you go skating (during select sessions) and you just pay for skate rental. It's also $4 to rent the skating walkers that kids use to learn to skate. Since my brother bought the kids skates we used those and our morning was spent inside skating for free!

I asked my friend Lisa if her boys might want to join us so they met us there. We had a great time and while my kids were doing really well when they got there, they were even better when we left. Lisa's boys both needed the walkers at the beginning but both were venturing out without them before long! It was fun to watch them learn!

Harper was getting brave and dancing while he skated!

This one is of Kota trying to make it all the way around the rink once before the end of a song...she killed that challenge!

A very happy 4 year old!

The crew:

Time to Limbo!

Here are a few good video's:

Harper wasn't being cooperative with me when I was trying to record him to this is the best I got:

I couldn't believe the kids actually skated the whole hour and a half! They were quite hungry when it was over so we took them to lunch across the street at McDonalds. They loved eating together and playing with the little toys they got in their Happy Meals. It was a great morning spent with great friends! Looking forward to another skate date soon!

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