Friday, February 3, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Class 5

We finished our air and land lessons and this week moved on to the sea.

As a little warm up the kids were given a small piece of paper with an ocean scene and a sheet of stickers to decorate it.

After a few minutes with that they were then tasked with painting a large sheet of white paper, orange. They had to cover the entire sheet making sure that no white was visible when they were finished. It was harder for them than I thought it'd be and I ended up helping Dakota a little bit.

While the orange paper dried the teacher taught the kids how to draw a fish. She always gives them a sheet of practice paper first. Here's her first try:

And, here's the final step by step. We used an oil pastel to draw the fish.

First, you make an eye near the top left of the page.

Next, you draw a mouth.

Then, about 3/4 of the way across the page you draw two dots, one slightly above the other, near the center. (I didn't get a picture of that step, Dakota was going too quickly for me!) Once the dots are drawn, beginning at the top of the mouth, you draw a line over the eye and towards the top dot you just made on the right side of your paper. And then, beginning at the tip of the bottom lip you draw a line (a little less full) to the bottom dot.

Once the body of your fish is finished you draw the tail. From the top dot you draw a line upwards at a slight angle away from the fish, and from the bottom dot you draw a line downwards at a slight angle away from the fish.

To finish the tail, add some wiggly lines. Or straight, whatever you like. Finally, add a fin and your fish is complete!

Drawing our fish was fun but it was more fun to decorate it!

We drew some lines and spots and colored bits of it in. I got a white oil pastel to draw some bubbles and waves. Then we were given some watered down yellow paint to fill the fish in. Once we were done with the yellow we grabbed some blue to create the water and uncover our white waves and bubbles.

Our final project of the day was a jellyfish. Remember that white piece of paper we painted orange? Well, it was nearly dry by now so we folded it in half, cut a semi circle out of it, stapled it together halfway, stuffed in the trash from cutting it and then stapled it all the way closed. With a sharpie Dakota added eyes and a smiley face. 

The very last step of the project (and the class) was to add some ribbon to the bottom for tentacles.

One class to go until our unit on Air, Land, and Sea is finished. I'm hoping I can still get her in the next session which is all about animals.

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