Friday, February 3, 2017

Dress Shopping, Take Two

After trying dresses on at David's Bridal, Zoe and I were in dress finding mode. I felt like we needed to keep the momentum up so I told her to schedule a few appointments for this week so she could continue trying things on. She made two appointments, one for Tuesday afternoon at the Bridal Boutique in Columbia and one at 6 pm on Thursday with Alfred Angelo in Glen Burnie.

I was the first one to arrive at the Bridal Boutique and Zoe got there a few minutes later. I couldn't believe how much smaller it was than David's Bridal and automatically worried about the selection. I figured if they were a smaller boutique they may only offer higher priced dresses...luckily, I was wrong.

We were greeted at the door and asked to check in and almost immediately our bridal consultant joined us. She was very friendly and had lots of questions for Zoe about price range and style dress she was interested in. Zoe told her she was most interested in trying on a mermaid style since she hadn't been able to at David's, so the search began there.

While the consultant pulled gowns off racks, Zoe and I browsed. I ended up pulling several gowns down and felt a little silly when I realized that Zoe had about 6 dresses that I'd chosen! Ha!

The first gown was absolutely stunning and I must have made some kind of (happy, excited, wow!) face when Zoe came out because the sales lady started laughing at me. I thought it was a gorgeous dress and I could tell that Zoe liked it a lot too. (After the first couple dresses, Zoe's man of honor, Viktor showed up to help us with the deciding again.)

Here's another dress she tried on but it wasn't my favorite. I thought that while the back was pretty the front was boring and had too much lace.

The next gown was probably my favorite. I love the uniqueness of it.  It was a ball gown style (my favorite) but not really what she on we went. 

This one was an automatic no because of the plain bottom. There wasn't any lace detail and that turned Zoe off immediately.

The next dress was one that Zoe LOVED but I didn't. It had a lot of the things she was looking for like long (bell) sleeves, open back, lots of lace and pretty button detail but I just didn't like the sweetheart neckline at all. Of course the neckline could have been altered a bit, but on we went...

Then there was this one off the shoulder gorgeous back but it wasn't just right either. 

We did end up choosing THE dress that night but of course I won't be blogging about that one until after her big day. I'll tell you this is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

As fun as dress shopping was, I'm glad it's over and I didn't have to go to another boutique on Thursday night! Her dress is going to need some minor alterations but we don't get that done until three months before the'll be here before we know it! 

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