Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Class 6

Today was our final Artsy Partsy class, for this session anyways. I went ahead and signed Dakota up for the next 6 week session that begins on February 22nd and is about animals and their habitats. Sounds fun to me!

The final class was about the sea and today Dakota learned how to draw a sailboat. As usual, we began with a practice paper.

Between the practice boat and the real thing the kids were given a dolphin sun catcher to paint. Dolphins are Dakota's favorite animal so she was happy about that! They had some dark blue, silver and aquamarine to work with.

While the dolphins dried the kids began working on their oil pastel sail boats. 

Once it was all drawn and colored how she liked, she was given a light blue watercolor for the sky. When she'd finished the sky the teacher put a few drops of green into the blue to mix for the water color.

Right before the class was over the teacher gave them each a little turtle shape and a few stickers to put on. It was a little something to keep them busy until the watercolors dried.

So next week we won't have art class but we'll be back at it the following week! I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for them!

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