Monday, February 6, 2017

100th Day of Pre-K! Woohoo!

Harper celebrated his 100th day of 1st grade on February 1st. His class didn't do anything major, they just made those cool hats and got to choose 100 items to make a little trail mix. They could choose 10 pieces of 10 different kinds of candies/snack items to make their very own 100th day mix. No real party to speak of, just a little woo-hoo!, we're more than half way through the year kind of thing.

Pre-K kids start a bit later than the rest of the school so they just celebrated their 100th day today. Dakota's class had a little more of a celebration, one that included lots of centers based on the number 100. Each station was 15 minutes long which was the perfect amount of time to complete each task (for the most part) and keep the kids from getting antsy.

Dakota's first center was one where she too could make a hat (see finished product in photo above). She likes to color, so her's is colored in while Harper's wass plain. He isn't a fan of coloring these days. (He may not have been given the time/opportunity to color his either, I don't know.) 

The second center was one where the kids were given 100 red solo cups to build towers and use as many of the cups as possible. Dakota was able to build her's pretty high and she was very proud!

The third station was all about making their trail mix, just like Harper's class did. They had mats with circles on them and they were able to fill their circles with 10 pieces of candy each, until all were filled and they had 100 pieces total. 

After making trail mix the kids went to the exercise mat where they had to do specific tasks for 100 seconds each. Dakota was being a bit silly about this and wouldn't really participate for some reason, probably because I was there and or something. I tried to sneak a picture when she was doing something but she caught me...

My center was next. I had a coloring sheet where the kids had to color items on their paper according to a chart. All pencils yellow, hearts-red, ice cream-purple, stars-blue and caterpillars-green. Dakota said it was her favorite center and the best because I was there. (She's sweet but my center was not even close to the best! Maybe the stacking cups or the station after mine...they were definitely more fun!)

Next to last was making a snowman with all kinds of "parts". There were tons of options like sticks, buttons, fabric, noodles, wiggly eyes, seashells, pom poms etc.. The inspiration behind this activity is a children's book called Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. The snowmen illustrations in this book are all unique and using everyday items and a great way to see an everyday object in a new light. (I didn't get a photo of the finished product and it was left at school to dry.)

The final activity of the day was to string 100 fruit loops onto yarn to create a necklace. Dakota wasn't able to complete that in the 15 minutes she was given and I'm pretty sure no one else did either. That's a lot of fruit loops to get on a string! 

We're on the countdown to summer at this point I suppose. It always seems like the first 100 day's is over super quick but the end of the school year tends to drag. Only 80 some days left though...

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