Thursday, February 23, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Session 2, Class 1

After a week break Artsy Partsy was back in session this week. Dakota was excited to go back and that these classes were going to focus on animals and their habitats. 

After giving a brief introduction the teacher taught them that habitat was a fancy word for home. They were then told that the days lesson was going to be on penguins and igloos. Now, penguins don't live in igloos but those two seem to go hand in hand so we went with it.

First up, what color do you get when you mix black paint into white paint? The teacher gave each child a paint brush and some white paint with specks of black on top and had them stir it around until is was all mixed into a lovely gray. She wanted to show the kids this because she wanted them to understand that when they painted their penguins they'd have to keep the black and white separated so they didn't have gray animals. But, since we now had a bowl of gray paint she gave them a sheet of paper and permission to paint anything they'd like on it. 

Dakota, of course, painted a girl. An all gray girl with long hair and a bow. 

When everyone was done painting they were given pre cut shapes in order to make a penguin scene. First they built their penguins and then they added some fish because penguins get hungry too.

Before the kids began their penguin painting they were given a little penguin drawing lesson on scrap paper. Turns out drawing penguins isn't all that difficult... 😀🐧

Once the kids had finished practicing they were given a big sheet of white paper for the real thing. A few more gentle reminders were given about not mixing the black and white and they were off.

In the center of the page paint a white oval. 

Then, using the black paint, make a larger oval around the white oval. Not close to the white paint but an inch or two away.

Next, paint the arms on.

Very carefully paint the rest of the body in. Be sure not to mix the black and white!

Add some black circle eyes as well as an orange beak and feet. 

Now you have an incredible penguin! I just love how her's turned out!

The last thing the class did was put together an igloo. The pieces were cut so they just had to figure out how to put it together, like a puzzle. Once the igloo was sorted they painted some snow on the ground. 

Looking forward to seeing what kind of animal and habitat she creates next week!

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