Thursday, February 23, 2017

Harper's Art

Harper hasn't been drawing as much as he used to but this weekend I guess he was feeling it because he ended up with stacks of papers he'd drawn. He has a few learn to draw books (this one and this one are two favorites) that he pulls out from time to time while other days he'll try to recreate a character from a book or show.

This weekend he did a little of both.

This first sheet is super adorable. From top left we have a hippo, a cheetah (i think), a zebra, a camel (LOVE this one! look at that hump!) and a giraffe.

Next up we have a large assortment of bugs and animals. I think his goat is outstanding! I also kinda love that frog and ladybug. So cute.

The next drawing is from a book he likes. You can see the book here.

A cute albeit sad looking puppy.

A zebra he drew just for me. He knows they're my favorite so from time to time he'll whip one up for me. 💚 This one just had a large dinner followed by dessert.

And, this is the cutest whale ever. Right? 

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