Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Be Mine

Harper and Dakota both had little Valentine celebrations at their schools today. Dakota came home with this card she'd made:

Harper made these to pass out to his friends:

And Dakota made these:

They also brought in some little buckets filled with supplies for their teachers. Hand cream, paper clips, pencils, note pads, etc. Nothing major, just a thanks for all you do kind of thing.

Both kids were so excited to show me what they'd gotten from their friends! Dakota dumped her bag on the table and then looked at each thing while Harper chose to only pull one thing out of his bag at a time. There were lots of lollipops, pencils and tattoo's this year. 

Landon realized on Sunday that he needed to get something for his girlfriend for Valentines so yesterday I took him to Target as soon as Tony got home from work. He bought her the movie Mrs. Doubtfire and a jar of cookie mix ; things they could do together. He also got her some candy and a giant card. Sweet and simple, nothing extravagant. 💘

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