Friday, February 24, 2017

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Just as I was about to toss out an empty milk carton, Dakota grabbed it and asked me if she could keep it. I asked her what she wanted it for and she had no idea, she just did. Well, anyone who knows Dakota knows that she doesn't simply accept a "no" so I said if we were going to keep it we might as well make a bird feeder out of it. So we did.

While she filled the milk carton up with water to rinse it out I grabbed a few supplies I thought we could use to dress up our little project.

We watered the plants with the water in the jug and then I let her dry it out with a towel so that we could get started decorating. She decided to use the largest gems in my box to begin so I'd put a dot of hot glue on the carton and then she'd decide which color to put on. 

It still seemed awfully plain even after she'd added those huge gems so I grabbed some acrylic paint and she set to work.

While the paint dried a little we went searching for more supplies. We ended up with some stickers and buttons which she added to her little hearts content.

She was really digging the Christmas buttons so we added those plus a scarecrow she found and a heart. She was making sure the birds knew this little eatery was open for every season! I had a wooden dowel left over from some other project so we added a little perch for the birds to land on should they want to. Dakota kept saying "We are being so nice to the birds! They're gonna just love us!"

She and I picked up some bird seed at Lowe's and I made a (crappy) hanger out of a wire clothes hanger but I forgot to get a picture of it hanging outside. Maybe tomorrow...hopefully with a bird in it! 

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