Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Session 2, Class 2

We were supposed to work on frogs and lily pads today but when we got to art class everything was about Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss' birthday is tomorrow so our teacher thought it'd be appropriate to celebrate that by making some Seuss art. Before beginning the class the teacher handed out some cute Cat in the Hat hats. At first Dakota said she didn't want one but once the other kids put theirs on she changed her mind. :)

The first order of business was working on patterns by building a paper hat just like the one the cat wears in the book. They were given a rectangle of black paper, a few strips of white and red paper, and a glue stick.

Once the hat was all glued into place they cut the excess black paper off which completed this project.

Next up was making a "Thing". In the books there is a Thing 1 and a Thing 2 but since Dakota's my 4th "thing" that's the number I wrote on it's belly. She then glued the body down to her yellow paper, received instruction on how to draw the face, painted the body red and then used her finger to make the big blue hair! She LOVED finger painting!

Next up was drawing the cat from The Cat in the Hat. I was a bit skeptical about this but it turned out to be easier than I had thought and the end product is terrific! They usually do a practice but today she just had them go straight to it...

Wrapping it up for the morning the kids were given a bunch of pre-cut paper fish to create a scene of their choosing. The fish represent the book One Fish Two Fish, keeping with the Dr. Seuss theme.

Another great morning doing art with my kiddo! Tomorrow begins ballet...I'm nervous!

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