Friday, March 10, 2017

Harper the Baby, Harper the Old Man

Harper brought home some cute work from school this week and I've just gotta share it here. I keep quite a bit of the papers the kids bring home but I just can't keep it all and this seems like the appropriate place to post some of the papers I can't hang on to.

The first one says: Take a Selfie! Write to tell about it. So, he's drawn a picture of himself and the writing says: I wuse (was) a baby at tis (this) time. I can't get over that drawing! It just cracks me up for some reason!

The next one reads: "My Self Portrait at 100 Years Old" I have some questions about this one. Like, why is he green? Where is his nose? Why do his eyes look that way? Why is he so sad or angry...I can't decipher that "look". Why is he bald? Where are his arms? So many questions. 

Then, on the inside, he's written a little bit about when he's 100 years old. It reads: Wen I am 100 years old I will watch TV. Wen I am 100 years old I will nap. Wen I am 100 years old I will read and be old. He's pretty much summed up being old with this little piece. I mean, what else would you expect someone 100 years old to do? 

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