Friday, March 31, 2017

Inter-County Track Meet at Glen Burnie

Landon is running track again this year and it was only a few days in when he started complaining that his hip hurt. He saw the trainer at the school and she was concerned enough to call me and suggest we see his regular physician, so the very next morning we saw a doctor who said she believed he'd just pulled a muscle and needed to let it heal before running again. She told him he'd need to rest for at least a week to see if it helped so he missed several days of practice and the first meet.

Since he's been practicing again (lightly) he's not been complaining that his hip hurts but only that he can still feel a bit of a pull there when he's running. So, I'm guessing its better but maybe just not completely healed yet.

Anyways, yesterday was the first meet that he participated in and while he didn't do what I know he's capable of, he did well. It was freezing cold yesterday and while we stood on the side to cheer him on in our coats, hats and gloves, he was out on the track in a tank and shorts. Those kids were absolutely freezing their butts off!

He's third from the left in the pic below:


His first run was the 1600 (1 mile) and he was pretty sure it wasn't going to be his best run. He kept saying he knew he wasn't going to do well but I was hoping he'd pull through and do better than he thought. It was about the third lap that I saw him give up. He was just too tired to keep the pace he'd started with and he quickly fell to the back. I could see a bit of defeat on his face and as much as I hated to see it I knew he was struggling to even finish. He did finish and his official time was 6:30.44. Not horrible, but he could do better, I'm sure of it. He just needs some more practice. 

There was quite a bit of time between his first and second run so we all went home to eat dinner and warm up and then I drove back to the school to see him run the 800. His attitude seemed better right before this run and I knew it was going to be better than the mile had been. He did end up running much better and came in at 2:47.94. He did what he loves to do and that is to sprint the last bit of the race trying to overcome at least one guy ahead of him. He did beat one kid ahead of him and I loved watching him do it! 

As soon as that race ended he gathered up his stuff and we headed home. It was just too darn cold to stay out there any longer than necessary! I'm hoping that with the upcoming weeks of practice he'll be able to run stronger in the next races. I really think it's something he's quite good at and I love watching him compete.

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