Friday, March 31, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Session 2, Class 6

Dakota and I were the only two to show up to art this week! We were running a few minutes late and I was surprised when we were the first (and then only) to show up at all!

The teacher had gathered up a bunch of supplies to make animals that live in the Safari. She began with a print out that Dakota practiced making the markings of a cheetah, tiger and lion. 


After talking about the different markings on the animals Dakota was given a large sheet of paper and some paint to practice making the markings on a larger scale. First draw some large circles on the paper and then using orange, yellow or a flesh tone paint, color each circle in. Dakota drew a fourth circle for a zebra. While it isn't a type of cat, it is another safari animal, so it worked.Then, using different objects she got to give each animal it's marks. Spots for the cheetah, stripes for the tiger (and zebra) and a big fluffy main on the lion. 

The next project was to use blue paint to create a sky, green paint for grass and then add two cat cut outs. She decided to make one a cheetah and the other a tiger. 

The last activity was to paint and decorate a wooden picture frame. 

This was supposed to be our last week but because several of us missed a class because of a late start for schools the teacher is offering a make up class next week. :) 

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