Thursday, March 23, 2017

Project Life, 2017, Week 9

Week 9, February 27-March 5

The kids got Monopoly Jr. for Christmas and we finally broke it out to play. They both really enjoyed it and I was happy it didn't take HOURS to play. Dakota began ballet and while I had been super worried about her anxiety, she did just fine! Not a single tear! Landon decided he wanted to play the adult version of Monopoly after seeing us play with the little kids, so we did. Dakota conned Mema into buying her a Lego Friends set and she could not wait to get home to put it together! She loved it! Harper and Dakota always play best right after dinner. They play all kinds of things but it was so funny to watch them give each other rides! They thought it was hilarious too! The last photo is Dakota helping daddy make dinner. She isn't usually in the mood to have "quiet time" (video game time) so she fills her time helping Tony cook. 

Harper saw Dakota working on her Lego kit and decided he wanted to do one as well. We had this one we'd picked up for Landon years ago and he never did, so I got that out for Harper to work on. He really enjoyed his project too! We payed Zoe and Brandon a visit to play with Zephy and Nero but we also got to see Treeko, Brandon's little Crested Gecko. Harper and Dakota HAD to stand on this old tree stump when we went to the library and Harper HAD to show me how strong he was by holding up a big stick. HAD to. And, the last photo is Dakota passing time swinging in the backyard...her favorite. 

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