Thursday, March 23, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Session 2, Class 5

This weeks art was all about birds and nests. The class began with a large paper egg and sharpie's. The kids were shown a few ways they could decorate an Easter egg and then were given the green light to decorate as they saw fit. Dakota loves to draw butterflies, hearts and rainbows these days and at least two of those ended up on her egg. (She didn't have all the colors to make a rainbow.)

Once they'd finished decorating their eggs they began building a nest. They used some brown paint to cover the little white paper cup they were given, then some glue to add "twigs".

As the nests dried the kids were given hard plastic eggs that opened. Again, using sharpies, they decorated their eggs. While they covered their eggs the teacher came around with a box of pom pom's and each child chose a "bird". No bird is complete without a beak and eyes, so they were given those as well.

Dakota just loves that the little bird actually fits inside the egg! She carried it around all day yesterday showing everyone what she'd made and that there was a surprise inside!

The final project was to build a bird using modeling clay, paint, a wooden "beak", two wooden eyes, some feathers and twisted pipe cleaner feet.

While using the clay is super messy, it's really fun! She loved sticking the feathers, legs, eyes and beak into the clay and she thought it was super cute when she was finished! She really wanted to bring it home but the teacher convinced her it was best to leave it there to dry and get it when we go next week. 

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