Wednesday, March 15, 2017

RAK's to our Neighbors

The kids have a two hour delay this morning. Landon is off to school and Harper and Dakota are playing nicely in the basement so I figured now was as good a time as any to blog.

The day before yesterday, as soon as Harper came home from school, I had them pack up their kindness bags from the party we attended and we headed out to deliver them.

 I knew they'd choose people they knew for these little goodies but I wanted to encourage them to do something for people they don't know and asked that they avoid the houses of their friends. They were a bit skeptical about that at first but after the first doorstep drop, they forgot all about it and couldn't wait to choose the next house. They were literally running to each house with their little bags and placing them ever so quietly at people's doors. It was great! One of the neighbor kids spotted us and asked to help, I wish I had some bags for him to do, but I didn't so he just watched and ran around with us. (Made me think maybe it was my turn to host a little party so other kids could have this experience.)

When it came time to pack up little bags with a toy inside, Dakota balked. She didn't want to give away any of her toys and it came to tears, so we put that idea to the side for a minute. I think I'll take her to the dollar store and let her choose something from there to get the feel of it, see if that excites her to know she'll be leaving a gift for someone she doesn't know. Harper was cool with it and ran downstairs to find some bouncy balls of his to donate to the cause. He's a little older and I think he understands the concept a bit more. 

As soon as the weather clears back up I'll be taking them to a playground or park to let them hide their gifts...I think they'll love it!

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