Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Playing on the Ice

So school was cancelled yesterday because we knew we had a snowstorm on the way. They had us so worried that the schools cancelled Monday afternoon for the following day and put out a preliminary statement that school may be late on Wednesday! Our county isn't usually so quick to jump, but they did this time, so when I woke up yesterday and could still see the grass poking through, I had to laugh!

I went downstairs to take a picture of our "huge snowstorm" and was sad to see that our favorite plum tree had gone down in the ice and wind. It was uprooted several years ago in an earthquake and this storm finally had the strength to take it out completely. I hate to see it go, but we'll be sure to put another in and I was getting a little tired of that root on top of the ground anyways.

Harper and Dakota didn't care that it was freezing cold and the snow was really ice, they wanted to go out and play in it they did, for a little over an hour.

They loved hearing the crunch of the ice under their boots and spent a bit just stomping around the yard making boot prints.

I think they were pretending to be penguins in the next photo.

Then we pulled out sleds and they had so much fun sledding down this little hill in our yard and banging into the fence! 

When they'd had their fill of sledding we went to the backyard for a little bit. They went down the slide, pulled huge chunks of ice off of the picnic table to eat and throw (that we were sitting at last week with t-shirts on), and jump on the trampoline.

The wind started to pick up a bit so we all headed inside to play. They'd had their fun and were ready to sit and play with toys for a bit. I always love an unexpected snow day to hang out at home with the kiddos! (Landon, like any typical teen, slept the morning away and couldn't have cared less about the ice.) 

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