Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Art and Literature (Artsy Partsy)

This morning Kota and I began another round of Artsy Partsy. I was really surprised when we walked in and all the tables were nearly full! It's been just us and two other mom and kid sets for the most part but today all 6 tables were full with another joining in next week! I love that we're helping someones small business take off and having a great time while doing so!

This session is art and literature and each class will begin with a story and then art based on the book they've just read. Today's book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I think everyone (with the exception of the teacher) knew this book by heart! I could hear adults and children reciting parts as the teacher read aloud. While the teacher read she pointed out things that the kids may not have noticed otherwise like the face drawn on the sun and the different colors used to paint the caterpillar. She pointed out textures and shapes and shadows and then broke out the supplies the kids would need for their first project.

They were first instructed to draw an oval head at the far left side of their page and then given two shades of green to begin stamping the paint into a caterpillar body. It was a good lesson on pattern making.

Once the body was complete the kids were given red paint to fill in the oval head.

And then brown so that they could add legs and feet, purple for the antennae and crayons to draw little hairs on the caterpillars back.

To complete their work they were given two yellow and two green ovals to glue on for eyes.

We set the caterpillars aside to dry and the teacher handed out little bowls of green beads and pieces of string for the kids to make necklaces while she got the next project ready. Dakota made a pattern using her beads and when she ran out of sparkly beads, she quit.

The final project of the day was (fittingly) and butterfly. The kids were given a large sheet of white paper and a butterfly body shape to glue to the center of the paper.

The teacher then instructed the kids on drawing butterfly wings. 

Once the wings were drawn they were given lots of paint to color in their wings however they chose. 

It was another fun class and I love that they're focusing on art they find in their books. When art was over Dakota and I headed over to the school to register for Kindergarten! Hard to believe it's already time to do that! 

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