Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ballerina Canvas Art

After noticing that Dakota had been picking at the canvas' that I made and hung in her room ages ago I decided it was time to take them down and put up something new. I wanted to make something using canvas because they're fun to do and ultimately settled on ballerina's after I found some simple silhouette's on Pinterest

Here's the old one's I made, butterflies, flowers and a little girl + dog. Lots of missing butterflies, the grass had been tugged on quite a bit and the little girl was just falling apart. 

And, here are the new canvas' hanging above her bed in her room:

They really were very easy to make. I painted the canvas "princess pink", printed the silhouette's on black paper, cut them out and then decorated with rhinestones, tulle and ribbon. She really loves them but doesn't understand why I didn't give them faces. :) I'm happy with them too but of course see the flaws...oh well. I know they won't be up there too long before I'll be wanting to change everything again!

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