Sunday, April 30, 2017

Color Your Own T-Shirt

When we were getting ready to leave for spring break I wanted to make sure I had some activities to keep the kids busy while we were at my parents house so I picked up these t-shirts that the kids could color. We did this before with success so I thought we'd do it again. 

Harper has recently begun watching episodes of Power Rangers on Netflix so I thought he'd enjoy that print. Dakota was with me when I decided to get the shirts so she chose her own, a unicorn.

Harper was done with his in about 15 minutes. He did a pretty good job despite his hurry and even personalized it a bit by writing "go rangers go" on the back. :)

Dakota spent a long time coloring her shirt, probably close to an hour. She's all about rainbows so her unicorn is very colorful. She also personalized her t-shirt by drawing in a sun at the top and writing her name at the bottom.

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