Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Morning

We spent Easter here at home. My kids have always loved Easter but honestly, it isn't my favorite. I don't really know why, I just know that it never turns out as fun as other holidays we celebrate. It's my own fault since I do the holiday activity planning. Oh well.

The kids got up at the crack of dawn (not because of Easter but because it's what they do) and Dakota spotted a couple eggs before she even got downstairs. The bunny was a little lazy this year and didn't write a note explaining that all of Harper's eggs were green while Dakota's were pink so I just told them that I guessed it was the same as last year and off they went. They really enjoy searching for their eggs and loved seeing what surprises were inside. (Candy and a couple dollars this year. Funny enough Tony and I found the $1's in the eggs from last year and just reused them this year! Tell's you how much little kids value money!)

Dakota discovered her Easter basket in her search for eggs but refused to pull it out until all 11 of her eggs were found. As soon as she had them all she ran for her basket and squealed with excitement! Harper's basket was a little better hidden and he didn't find his right away but I wish I'd have captured the look of excitement and surprise when he found it! They got regular Easter gifts (regular for us, anyways) like bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, some outdoor chalk stencils, puzzles etc. Their baskets also included some Shopkins and Grossery Gang blind bags as well as gummy trolls and little chocolate lambs and chicks. 

Landon didn't get out of bed until I forced him out around 11. His eggs were different colors and hidden much harder than the little kids. He got some candy and cash in his eggs. It took him a little while to find his basket as well, but I think he was happy when he found what was inside! (He's tough to shop for since this is what I'd really call a kids holiday, but I hate to leave him out.) Inside his basket he found a gift card for the movies, a Google Play gift card, the movies Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rogue One and Dr. Strange.

I think the kids were happy with their baskets and I'm happy to put that holiday behind me. But, I also know that summer birthday planning is right around the corner and I've got three birthday's to get ready for. Harper's 7th (!!!), Dakota's 5th (!!!) and Landon's 16th (!!!!!!!).

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