Thursday, May 25, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Class 5, Art & Literature

Yesterday's book was The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. We've had this book on our shelves for years and it's a great story about sharing and friendship. My kids really like it and they love all the sparkly scales on the pages.

Image result for the rainbow fish

The first project of the day was done using oil pastels. They made some wavy blue lines to begin and then drew some seaweed and even a bit of coral. Kota decided she wanted two coral on hers. Then they got to squirt some blue liquid watercolor all over their paper and move it around with a large paintbrush. Once it was covered in blue they glued on a giant octopus, some fish and, of course, a very glittery rainbow fish. 

As soon as the teacher said that the next project was going to be super messy I knew it was going to involve clay and, I was right! I didn't get a lot of process photo's because I had to help quite a bit and man is that stuff a mess! But, it is rather fun to create with and this time there wasn't any painting involved, just sticking sequins into the soft clay and then painting on some extra glitter because why not?!

Those two projects took up the entire hour class and they were both a lot of fun to do. We've got one more week of art and then a break for summer. I'm sure looking forward to a break from all this running around but I don't know if I need 11 weeks of break! Guess it doesn't matter since that's what it is this year!

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