Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Pictures and Video's from Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Dakota and I hit up Lowe's (again) this morning so I've got stuff to get in the ground today but I wanted to get some more of these zoo photo's on the blog first. So, mostly photo's and video's for this entry.

This is a Dingo! Never seen one of these guys before!

Grey Armed Macaques are native to Indonesia and outside of there, the only place you can find them is at Catoctin Preserve! Watching the tiny babies was quite mesmerizing! They were adorable!

The Sun Bear was hard to get a picture of as he/she wouldn't quit moving! There are several type of Sun Bear but these ones at this zoo are from Southeast Asia.

A Snow Leopard who kept it's back to us and would't let me get a picture of its beautiful face.

Galapagos Tortoise and an African Spurred Tortoise (i think)


Arctic Wolf. This poor wolf saw a person driving a golf cart and thought it was having it's food delivered so it kept running back and forth to check on the cart and then to it's food bowl. Such a gorgeous animal!

Collard Peccary

American Alligator

Amur Leopard and Zebra. 

White Tiger. Holy Moly that is a beautiful animal! I wish we could just bring one home! ;)

The only thing left is the safari we went on and I'll post that (hopefully) this evening. 

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