Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Feathered Friends of Catoctin Preserve and Zoo

For Mother's Day last year we made a trip out to Frederick for lunch and then went hiking at Washington Monument State Park. I was up for doing that again this year but told Tony I was fine with whatever he chose to do. He did a little searching and found Catoctin Wildlife Preserve in Thurmont, about an hour drive. He was trying to find something the whole family would enjoy and since we are a family of all ages (44 years to 4 years) that is quite a tall order to fill.  Luckily, this little escapade was perfect for all of us.

We got to the zoo around opening and had planned to stay long enough to walk the zoo and ride the safari and then head to downtown Frederick for lunch, but we enjoyed the preserve so much we never made it to lunch at all!

The zoo has tons of unique animals that you don't see at other zoo's. There were Collard Peccary, an Arctic Wolf, Snow Leopard, Red Kangaroo, Dingo, Black Swans, a Kookaburra and many others. Instead of writing about each animal we saw, I'll just take you on a photo/video walk of our day, beginning with all the birds: (I took about a million pictures so this will have to be a few separate blog entries.)

This little bird was just as curious about us as we were about her!

This is a Kookaburra who was trying to have his/her breakfast. Can you see the mouse in it's beak?

We stumbled upon this enclosure with Cockatoo's and we were all thrilled when one of them started copying what we were saying! It kept saying "hello" and "goodbye", as well as mimicking our laughter! I don't know if the bird or Dakota started the toe tapping. :)

More zoo pics and video's coming soon! I've gotta get going to Harper's t-ball game now!

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