Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Fun Year In First

I love when the kids start bringing home journals and papers that they've kept throughout the year. I think it's cool to see the progression of their writing and drawing and get a little glimpse into what they've been doing when I wasn't there to see. 

Harper brought home this packet titled: My Fun Year in First and I know it's something I'll hang onto forever but is also too cute to keep to myself.

My name is Harper. I am 6 years old. Words to describe me: haircut, nice. Lol, haircut!

The next two pages were dedicated to each classmate, a little oval with their names written in.

My School ROCKS! My school: Ridgeway. My Teacher, Ms. J (Ms. Johnson). My Principal Ms. Koennel. Reason My School Rocks: We get to go to recess every day.

This Is My First Grade Teacher. My teachers name is Ms. J. One thing I'll never forget about my teacher is she is nice. My teacher made me smile when we are nice. 

1st Grade FAVES. 
Food: Mac and Cheese
Animal: Dog
Color: Red
Recess Activity: I do not have one.
TV Show: I do not have one. 
Book: Imaginative Inventions
Subject: PE
Special Area: PE 

Oh What Marvelous Memories/ Write and draw your favorite 1st grade memories: When I played pirate battle ship. 

What a Fun Field Trip, Write and Draw about your favorite field trip. Where did we go? We went to the farm. What did we do? We looked at animals. Why was it fun? We got to play.

Look at the Book! Title: Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? I like this book because it has a lot of sounds in it.

In the Future! Write about a goal you still have for yourself: To do 102 pages in my journal. 

That was Hilarous! Write about a funny moment in first grade: When Sean farted. 

And, finally, My First Grade Classroom. What's your favorite part of your classroom? My desk. Why did you like your classroom? Because we got to do structured play. :) 

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