Sunday, May 28, 2017

Final Pre-K Parent Teacher Conference

Dakota was out of school Wednesday-Friday last week and on Wednesday she and I went to her school for a conference with her teacher. Fortunately, everything went great and her teacher had nothing but nice things to say about her. She gets a report card but her teacher wasn't able to give it to me because the final one has to be mailed, but she told me that she got CD (consistently demonstrates) on every area. She is ready for Kindergarten, but I already knew that.

Her teacher also gave me some of the journals Dakota had been making entries in throughout the year. So great to see her growth!

The first booklet was "this is what I look like" and "this is how I write my name" on every page and they completed it monthly. Hers is missing October and I'm guessing she wasn't there the day they did that page.

The second booklet they were asked to draw and write anything they wanted on one page per month. They were told to sound out what they were trying to write and then the teacher went back and wrote what they had intended to write. 

We also had an appointment with her speech therapist and all is well on that front. Dakota has improved by leaps and bounds in speech, so much so that she will only be getting 30 minutes a month of speech next year and that will only be to check up on her and make sure there is no regression! I'm thrilled with her and know that she is well on her way to success!

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