Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saturday Morning T-Ball

Harper had another t-ball game yesterday morning. It was chilly and dreary and threatened to rain the entire time, but they got their game in before the drizzle began. They were in the field first again and while Harper didn't chew on his glove the entire game like last time, he did make a lot of "smoke" kicking the dirt around. I'm not sure if that's an improvement or not but it is what it is.

I spent a lot of time pulling Dakota around in the new wagon I bought. I got the wagon to tote all of our equipment back and forth between games and/or trips to Six Flags but Dakota saw it as a new toy to play with. 

I made it back to the field in time to watch Harper bat each time and I have to say he's getting better already...I mean, he did remember to run after he hit it! That's progress!

So far he still seems to enjoy the game but has admitted that he prefers practices to games. I can't figure that out because they're pretty much the exact same thing with the exception of another team being present. 

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Water Balloons

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