Monday, May 1, 2017

T-Ball, Game 1

After a very rainy April and several cancelled t-ball games, Harper finally got to play his first game tonight. His weeknight games all begin at 6 pm and only last an hour. The game began right on time and we were home around 7:15 so it isn't too long or late, which is nice.

At this age there is no score keeping or anything, just learning the basics of the game. His team was in the field first and while he did tend to chew on his glove the whole time he was out there he also ran for the ball every time someone hit it, no matter where it was headed. :) I was happy to see that he was at least paying enough attention to know that the ball had been hit and which direction it was headed in order to chase after it.

He really likes batting (I imagine it's probably everyone's favorite at this age) and was ready when it was his turn. He got up there, hit the ball and then just kinda watched what happened...he forgot to run! The coach kept yelling, go Harper, run, but it took him a few seconds to process that and get moving. Technically he was out at first but since this is their first game and everything is very flexible, he got to stay out there and run the bases. He had no idea he was out when he finally reached first and seemed pretty happy with his performance. :)

He did better the second time and remembered to run so already he's improving! Here's a little video of the cuteness in action:

Go #10! 💙

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