Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dakota's Preschool Zoo Trip

Last Tuesday Tony took off of work to accompany Dakota's class on a field trip to the Maryland Zoo. It was overcast and threatening to rain the entire day but somehow they got lucky and the rain held off until later that afternoon when they were already home.  Since I wasn't there I don't have many pictures to share, only the two that Tony sent me:

Goat Selfie

Goat Grooming

He showed me lots of other photo's he'd taken on his phone but those were the only two he sent me! 
They both had a good time and they were both tired when they got back. 

Dakota was very excited that daddy had let her pick something out at the gift shop before they left and she was very sweet and got me something too! I love my little owl necklace and she was very proud of her selection!

Later that evening Landon and I attended a mandatory parent/child orientation for driver's ed. It ran from 4:30-6pm and I'm still not entirely sure why I needed to be there. But, we got that over with and he now has about 9 hours of drivers ed classes behind him; only 27 hours to go! The classes he's doing now are all in a classroom. He'll have six hours of drive time with the instructor before he'll take his driving test early next year. (Our state law is 15 years and 9 months for permit and then they have to have a minimum of 60 hours behind the wheel training and drivers ed before they can get their regular licence.) 

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