Saturday, June 3, 2017

Flowers Everywhere!

We drove out to Homestead Gardens last weekend and brought home some more plants for the garden. I've been trying to stick solely to perennials but I did end up with a couple begonia's for the pots on the deck. They do well back there year after year and I love how they look!

I don't know what this is called but it's one Tony picked and plopped into the front garden. It's really cool looking! 

I added some Arizona Sandstone Agastache to the front as well. My picture isn't great, but it's a nice orange color and looks nice mixed with the other flowers.

I also felt like we had a bit of space to fill next to the foxglove so I grabbed this Strawberry Seduction Yarrow to even things out.

I thought these phlox were pretty too, so in the garden they went.

The next flowers are probably my favorite, Cranesbill Rozanne. I love the color and shape of the flowers!

I can't remember what these are either (another one Tony planted and didn't keep the tag), but I love the pink!

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