Sunday, June 4, 2017

First Grade Author's Tea

On Thursday Harper's class held their annual Author's Tea. The kids write books every year on a given topic and for first grade the topic was realistic fiction. I look forward to hearing the books that the kids write every year and am usually equally impressed and tickled by what they come up with. This year was no exception.

Harper's book was called Bob Goes to the Zoo. Unfortunately he hasn't brought the book home yet so I can't share the story and the incredible illustrations, but you better believe I'll be posting all about it when the book makes it's way here! It's too good of a story to keep to myself!

He was so funny reading his book because he kept stopping to explain things further or to make sure we were all understanding what he was saying. He also made sure to stop after each page to turn the book around so that we could see his drawings. It was stinking adorable. 

When each child in his group had a chance to read us their story we all had the opportunity to sign their books. I love that they leave pages in the back for us to write to them, I'm sure it makes their day to see all that positive feedback. Every time someone wrote in Harper's book he sat and read what they wrote before he'd let the next person sign. Once the books were signed the kids had a small celebration which included cake, cookies and juice. 

It's always such a great event and one I look forward to every year. Next year I'll get to go to two since Dakota will also be making a book for Kindergarten!

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