Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Harper's First Grade Field Day

I couldn't help out with field day this year because it was going on during the same time that I had to pick Dakota up from school, but I did swing by to watch a few of the events before heading to Dakota's school.

I got there right as they were beginning some silly event where they had to fill a (HUGE) shoe with water and then run it back to their teams bucket to dump the water in. He was happy to see me (as usual) and I loved seeing him participate. There is definitely some competition going on but mostly the kids are just running back and forth laughing and having a great time. It's awesome to see!

After this silly shoe race they got to stop and get some Popsicle's and then they headed into the gym where they ran an obstacle course. 

I didn't get to see anything beyond these two events but it was fun watching while I could. Next year I'll get to help with a station and be there for the whole thing which will be fun! 

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